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Ant Control in Herndon, VA

Ants are a common problem among many households in the area. Since they are so small, completely eradicating ants from your space can be a difficult process. When you need help with ant control in Herndon, VA, call the professionals at Recon Pest Control. Our pest control company has the tools, equipment, and knowledge to find the source of your ant problems and apply the appropriate methods to make your home ant-free.

Ants, much like cockroaches, enter your home many different ways. The tiny cracks in your walls, doorways, or windows are all that are needed for ants to enter your home. The reason that many ants can be found in kitchen pantries and closets is because they seek sweet and greasy foods. What makes an ant infestation especially undesirable is once they have found a source of food, they can leave behind a chemical trail that attracts other ants to their location. Don't let your food become their food, and call our ant exterminator today.

The Importance of Fire Ant Control

Among the most painful stings are stings from fire ants. The mandibles of ants contain alkaloid venom, which is highly irritating to humans and causes red bumps to appear on the affected areas. If you see a few fire ants in your home or in your yard, it's like that a colony isn't too far away. They're known for gathering in large numbers and some colonies can contain as many as 500,000 insects. Our pest control professionals use their expertise and knowledge to manage any infestations and prevent them from spreading to other areas of your property.

Fire Ant Control in Herndon, VA

The Knowledgeable Ant Exterminator

Hire a company that has plenty of practical experience in the pest control business. Our team of skilled ant exterminators has 50 years of experience and provides expert service that is sure to meet your ant control needs. We know the job isn't done until your property is free from any infestation, which is why our ant pest control service offers a warranty. In the event that ants return to your home after we've treated it, we'll come back and perform another extermination treatment on our dime. Continual protection gives you peace of mind, so that you can continue going about your daily routine.

Different species of ant colonies require different ant pest control methods, but rest assured that our service is fast, efficient, and guaranteed.

Contact our exterminators for dedicated and professional service. We proudly serve the residents of Herndon, Ashburn, Sterling, Reston, and Leesburg, Virginia, as well as the surrounding areas.