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Humane Bird Removal in Herndon, VA

The idea of having a bird make its nest inside your attic, garage, roof, or any other interior or exterior crevices may not seem as bad as dealing with an invasion of bed bugs or rodents, but that doesn’t mean they can’t pose just as much of a risk. When birds nest in or very close to your home, they create a serious health and safety threat to you, your family, your home, and your pets.

Recon Pest Control understands the threats that come with uncontrolled birds. That is why we offer humane bird removal in Herndon, VA. Our services allow us to trap the bird and then relocate them to someplace safe. Contact us today when you are in need of any bird control for your home or business.

Bird Removal in Herndon, VA

Why You Need to Get Rid of Those Birds

As mentioned above, there is actually a decent amount of risk involved with having wild birds living in your home. These threats come from the acidic nature of the bird waste, which can damage metals and machinery, as well as the fact that these droppings are known to carry any of 60 known transmittable diseases.

Their droppings aren’t the only threat; they also bring in outside materials--or tear up substances inside of your home--to build their nests. This can lead to further contamination as well as damage to your belongings. Bird trapping and removal is always the smartest solution when dealing with these unwanted guests.

Contact us to learn more about humane bird removal methods. We proudly serve the residents of Herndon, Ashburn, Sterling, Reston, and Leesburg, Virginia, as well as the surrounding areas.